VASER® LipoSelection Receives High Praise on

Posted: June 5, 2013

We were happy to learn that VASER® LipoSelection, the minimally invasive body contouring procedure, has received great reviews nationwide on Not surprisingly, many of our patients have also expressed immense satisfaction with their VASER® results!

Do you know It’s an interactive online community where plastic surgery patients and medical spa clients can review the treatments they have received and share their questions, concerns and recovery experience.

VASER® Lipo is great for eliminating those stubborn bumps and bulges that resist even diet and exercise, such as the inner and outer thighs, “love handles”, “muffin top”, arms, neck and more.

Using the most advanced VASER® techniques, Dr. Aguirre can not only remove unwanted fat, but also sculpt the appearance of toned, well-defined muscles. It’s not just about losing fat – it’s about sculpting the lean, defined body of your dreams!

Dr. Aguirre has also completed hands-on, VASER® Hi Def Liposculpture training, which distinguishes him as one of only three Colorado physicians to be fully trained in this groundbreaking technique.

VASER® Lipo technology differentiates between fat and other tissue, allowing for effective fat elimination while leaving other important tissue such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue intact.  This allows for accelerated healing and minimal downtime, allowing Dr. Aguirre’s VASER® liposuction patients to resume normal activities almost right away – and enjoy their new sleek shape in time for summer!

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