What’s Holding You Back from Loving Yourself? Denver, CO

Posted: July 15, 2021

We know this question is a bit heavy, but we’re trying to keep things real. In our line of work here at Aguirre Specialty Care, we see so many amazing patients who confide to us that they are ashamed of their bodies. Their reasons vary, but most of these patients have felt ashamed for decades before they finally summoned up the courage to reach out to us. We feel the need to address this feeling of shame because it’s a very real problem among many patients.

Woman meditating outside

If you feel ashamed about some aspect of your body, we’re here to tell you that you have nothing to feel ashamed about! For example, if you think your labial skin looks strange to you, either because you think it’s too long or a strange color or asymmetrical, or all three, we want you to know that you’re not weird or abnormal. The human body comes in all shapes and sizes!

The other big point we’d like to drive home is that your concerns deserve to be heard! Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre has devoted his entire career to helping women reclaim their confidence and wellness. He’s performed thousands of successful labiaplasties, and he and his team can help you love your labia, if you choose to pursue treatment with us.

In addition to labial size, other common triggers for body shame include a lack of sexual arousal and/or the inability to orgasm. If you’re struggling with a low libido or a lack of sensation, we want you to know that there are several amazing treatment options that can help! Here at Aguirre Specialty Care, we’re offering 20% OFF sexual rejuvenation packages, which include the following three solutions. You may be a candidate for one or all three! We will tailor your treatment to your body’s exact needs.

  • Have you heard of the Viveve™ treatment? It’s non-surgical so there’s no downtime! Viveve uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate healing and tightening in your vaginal entrance. Best of all, Viveve can help to enhance your sexual sensation and pleasure for up to a year or longer.
  • The O-Shot® is another exciting solution for sexual wellness. The O-Shot injects platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentrated portion of your very own blood, into your clitoris and anterior vaginal wall to stimulate revitalization and blood flow for enhanced sexual sensation and improved urinary incontinence, too!
  • FemiLift™ laser vaginal resurfacing uses a laser to resurface the entire circumference of the vaginal wall, resulting in boosted blood flow, a tighter vagina, improved urinary incontinence and more.

Ultimately, our mission at Aguirre Specialty Care is helping you feel confident and joyful about your body, the exact opposite of shame! We are passionate about solving your concerns so you can live freely, unencumbered by embarrassment or other negative feelings. You deserve to love your body, and we can’t wait to help you do just that this summer!

To learn more about treatments at Aguirre Specialty Care, please don’t hesitate to call us at 303-322-0500 or request a consultation online today!