Why Having Sex Is Good for You & How You Can Make Sex Healthier Denver, CO

Posted: November 15, 2022

We think of sex as something purely pleasurable, but sex is a physical activity that can also be quite healthy for you. Research indicates that engaging in healthy sexual activity can help lower stress, boost endorphins, reduce pain and improve sleep. (By “healthy,” we’re talking about feeling safe and having consensual, protected sex [if indicated]).

When you think about sex as a healthy activity, it sort of changes the paradigm a bit, doesn’t it? We try to “get our steps in,” for example, because we know it helps lower our risk for all kinds of diseases. But do we try to fit sex in for health? Not as likely! But now that we’re talking about how healthy sex is, maybe the next time you’re “not in the mood” you might reconsider!

So now that we’ve established that sex is good for your health, let’s talk about how healthy your sex life is. If you don’t enjoy sex or you never feel like doing it, reaping the health rewards of sex is probably challenging, at best. Our passion and specialty at Aguirre Specialty Care are to help you love your sex life so you can experience a full, healthy and vibrant life.

So, how can you get there? Luckily, we offer several proven vaginal rejuvenation treatments to boost your sex life — and health! — in many ways:

The O-Shot® is an all-natural treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentrated portion of your very own blood, to boost sexual sensation and pleasure. During The O-Shot, we gently inject PRP into your clitoris and anterior vaginal wall. The PRP goes to work enhancing sensation in the clitoris (through boosted blood flow and cellular revitalization). The O-Shot can also help improve bladder leakage because it helps strengthen the pelvic floor.

The Viveve® treatment is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) treatment that helps tighten your vaginal entrance (introitus) while enhancing sexual sensation and pleasure. Clinically proven, Viveve can help improve your ability to orgasm and your overall sexual satisfaction for up to a year following your treatment. Not bad for one non-invasive treatment with no downtime!

FemiLift™ laser vaginal resurfacing uses a laser to resurface the entire circumference of the vaginal wall, triggering a tightening effect (enhancing friction during sex), strengthening the pelvic floor (improving bladder leakage/urinary incontinence), enhancing vaginal lubrication and boosting sexual sensation.

It’s normal to focus on one aspect of your body if it’s the most noticeable. For example, having large labial skin may seem like your only problem, but once you remove the excess skin, it may suddenly call attention to other concerns you didn’t expect.
In other words, you may be fine with your labiaplasty, but does your appearance still seem off somehow? Now that your labial skin is smaller or tighter, does your clitoral hood appear too big? Does your vaginal opening (introitus) look like it’s gaping? These are all extremely common concerns. It is often the case when we are performing personal consultations for labiaplasty that we determine a woman would benefit from a combination of surgical procedures. In addition to labiaplasty, a woman might need clitoral hood reduction or vaginal tightening. Our team is passionate about helping you achieve the most balanced and flattering results possible.

For your best benefits, we often combine all three treatments for a synergistic boost of vaginal rejuvenation! To learn more about boosting the health of your sex life, please call 303-322-0500 or request a consultation online today.