Denver’s Dr. Aguirre Answers: “Why is a Pelvic Surgeon Doing Liposuction?”

Posted: June 8, 2012

Dr. Aguirre was a recent guest of cable TV’s, The Wellness Hour, hosted by Randy Alvarez.   While the topic of the segment was “Liposuction,” Dr. Aguirre and the host spent a fair amount of time exploring Dr. Aguirre’s unique combination of services for patients which range from urogynecology to cosmetic gynecology to cosmetic procedures such as liposuction.

According to Dr. Aguirre, the types of procedures he offers at Aguirre Specialty Care grew in a natural progression from his original focus on helping women address functional urogynecological or cosmetic gynecological concerns.  Dr. Aguirre’s first requests for liposuction came from women looking to improve the appearance of their pubic mons area.  Since this procedure required the removal of fat, liposuction was the way to address it.  “The first area of interest I had was doing the pubic mons.  That’s what led me to look into this.  They were coming in to consult with me about their pelvic concerns and were pointing to an area with excess fat.  The only way to do that is with liposuction,” said Dr. Aguirre.

Randy Alvarez asked Dr. Aguirre, “So you think [performing liposuction] is your role?”  “If patients trust me with their vaginal repairs and their bladder lifts, they have no hesitation in wanting me to do their liposuction,” said Dr. Aguirre.   Dr. Aguirre uses either Smartlipo, (laser lipo), or VASER® Lipo (ultrasound liposuction).

Dr. Aguirre said that many patients come to him for urogynecological issues such as incontinence, but then will also plan to have a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, either with overlapping recovery time or at a later date.  “In fact,” said Dr. Aguirre, “20 percent of my patients get some additional procedure in addition to their incontinence procedure.  So they may have a labiaplasty, they may have vaginal tightening, and more and more of these patients are now wanting lipo.”

While patients often plan liposuction at the same time as a urogynecological or cosmetic gynecological procedure, Dr. Aguirre said that the procedures are usually not done on the same day.  Typically, the liposuction will be done a week or so before.  This is because liposuction can be done in office at Aguirre Specialty Care, while the other procedures will require a surgical suite at the hospital.  “It is expensive to bring liposuction into the operating room,” said Dr. Aguirre, who added that the most important reason for keeping the procedures separate is lower fees for his patients.

Dr. Aguirre said a former bladder surgery patient returned a year later for liposuction.  When asked why she chose Dr. Aguirre, she replied, “You operated on my bladder a year ago.  I trust you more than anyone.”

View the entire segment here:  Dr. Aguirre discusses liposuction on The Wellness Hour

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