BHRT for Women FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Denver

What exactly does BHRT treatment entail?
During your consultation, your symptoms and medical history will be thoroughly reviewed by a physician-supervised hormone therapy expert. You will be asked to participate in a few diagnostic tests (thyroid panel, hormone levels, etc.) to determine your personalized, optimal BHRT plan.

How is BHRT treatment administered?
You will have a choice between oral supplements or a topical cream.

Which hormones do I need?
Restoring hormonal balance is about replenishing the natural balance of all hormones, not just estrogen. While menopause causes a drastic dip in estrogen, testosterone also plays a vital role. Testosterone is a female sex hormone responsible for libido, bone strength, energy, and much more. Hormone therapy experts will analyze your blood and formulate a BHRT regimen that meets your unique needs, which may include estrogen, testosterone, or a combination of both.

When will I see improvement?
After two to three weeks of taking bio-identicals, you will begin to experience decreased symptoms. You will enjoy growing improvements as you continue your BHRT regimen.

Is BHRT right for everyone?
Some patients are not good candidates for bio-identical hormone therapy, depending on their medical history. Your consultation and diagnostic tests will help determine if bio-identicals are right for you.

What’s the difference between BHRT and synthetic hormones?
Unlike traditional hormone therapy, bio-identical hormones have the exact molecular structure as your natural hormones, making them more easily accepted by your body. Synthetic hormones, on the other hand, are derived from a variety of foreign, chemical sources, which drastically differ from your body’s natural hormonal structure and can result in a number of unpleasant side effects.

How can I get started on BHRT?

If you think you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may help! Call today at 303.322.0500 or click here to schedule your consultation today.