Interstim Therapy

Hi Dr. Aguirre & Staff, Having a wonderful time eating & drinking my way thru Italy~ My Procedure has made my trip so much more enjoyable~ “Ciao to All” C.D., Larkspur, CO   Patient had Interstim Therapy August 2019 for a 25 year history of Urge Urinary Incontinence.

In-office reduction of Large Clitoral Gland and Labia Minora

I GOT MY CONFIDENCE BACK!! I was referred to Aguirre Specialty Care from a gynecologist after they performed a tumor removal on my right labia. When I consulted with Dr. Aguirre explained to me in detail about what he would be doing during surgery, drew pictures and introduced me to some of his staff. I… Read more »

Successful Trans Vaginal Mesh procedure at 10 years

“In 2006, I was a 53 year old woman who was greatly alarmed my female organs had prolapsed drastically.  I went to Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre who ordered appropriate tests that diagnosed my specific condition.   I was terrified of potential pain and discomfort, but the procedure and recovery was managed very well.  In 2016 I… Read more »

Successful FemiLift Procedure instead of surgery

In my 40’s I was told I had urinary incontinence and needed to have surgery to place a mesh sling to help with the incontinence.  Having had adverse reactions to other surgeries I was not up for that.  So, I did what most women with this issue do – don’t dance, don’t laugh and make… Read more »

M.M., Colorado Springs

Dear Dr. Aguirre, I took your online survey, however I wanted to personally express my gratitude to you for enabling me to have a normal life again.  Of great importance to me also, is the respectful manner in which you engage with your patients.  I am of a generation of women, who in the early… Read more »