In-office reduction of Large Clitoral Gland and Labia Minora

I GOT MY CONFIDENCE BACK!! I was referred to Aguirre Specialty Care from a gynecologist after they performed a tumor removal on my right labia. When I consulted with Dr. Aguirre explained to me in detail about what he would be doing during surgery, drew pictures and introduced me to some of his staff. I… Read more »

Successful Trans Vaginal Mesh procedure at 10 years

“In 2006, I was a 53 year old woman who was greatly alarmed my female organs had prolapsed drastically.  I went to Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre who ordered appropriate tests that diagnosed my specific condition.   I was terrified of potential pain and discomfort, but the procedure and recovery was managed very well.  In 2016 I… Read more »

Successful FemiLift Procedure instead of surgery

In my 40’s I was told I had urinary incontinence and needed to have surgery to place a mesh sling to help with the incontinence.  Having had adverse reactions to other surgeries I was not up for that.  So, I did what most women with this issue do – don’t dance, don’t laugh and make… Read more »

M.M., Colorado Springs

Dear Dr. Aguirre, I took your online survey, however I wanted to personally express my gratitude to you for enabling me to have a normal life again.  Of great importance to me also, is the respectful manner in which you engage with your patients.  I am of a generation of women, who in the early… Read more »

P.R., Parker, CO

March 21, 2016 I wanted to sincerely thank Dr. Aguirre and the entire staff for being so caring, understanding and helpful to me when I’ve had so much to deal with in my life and an overactive bladder for the last 25 years! It’s been a really difficult year and few months for me and… Read more »