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Why Having Sex Is Good for You & How You Can Make Sex Healthier Denver, CO

We think of sex as something purely pleasurable, but sex is a physical activity that can also be quite healthy for you. Research indicates that engaging in healthy sexual activity can help lower stress, boost endorphins, reduce pain and improve sleep. (By “healthy,” we’re talking about feeling safe and having consensual, protected sex [if indicated])…. Read more »

Do You Need Revision Labiaplasty? Denver, CO

At Aguirre Specialty Care, Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre has been performing pristine and highly acclaimed labiaplasties for decades. As a labiaplasty expert, Dr. Aguirre has seen his fair share of botched labiaplasties performed by other practitioners. This is why, in addition to labiaplasty, Dr. Aguirre offers revision labiaplasty on his menu — to fix the… Read more »

Does One Accident Mean You Have Fecal Incontinence?

Have you ever accidentally pooped a little in your pants? We know this is a tough question, so bear with us! A lot of people may have an accident and be truly worried they have a problem. If this sounds like you, take heart, because one accident does not necessarily mean you have a problem…

The Life-Changing Power of The Real Mommy Makeover at Milestone Surgery Center!

When you arrive for your Real Mommy Makeover™ surgery, imagine walking into a space that feels more like a private resort than a state-of-the-art and state-licensed ambulatory surgical center. This fantasy we’re describing is a reality at Milestone Surgery Center, in Parker, CO, the official location for your Real Mommy Makeover surgery at Aguirre Specialty…

September is Urology Awareness Month! Denver, CO

It is estimated that one in two of us will be affected by a urological condition at some point in our lifetime. So without a doubt, urological concerns are extremely common! The good news is that most urological conditions can be treated with early detection and diagnosis. And there’s more good news: You are definitely… Read more »

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month! Denver, CO

How’s your sexual health? While that may seem like a personal question, it’s definitely a timely one because September is Sexual Health Awareness Month! But at Aguirre Specialty Care, we believe sexual health is a vital part of being human every month of the year.  So, let’s back to our original question: How is your… Read more »