Julie Starr, Nurse Practitioner

Julie Starr, APRN, PhD is an accomplished advanced practice nurse and clinical researcher with 16 years of experience in the field of women’s health, specifically in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. Her expertise extends to a range of conditions including bladder and bowel control problems, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, bladder pain, and recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Julie’s educational background includes earning a doctorate degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia.  Her dissertation research focused on the comprehensive management of women suffering from symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction.  This academic achievement reflects her commitment to advancing the field of urogynecology.

Julie is an active member and volunteer in the American Urogynecologic Society, a professional organization dedicated to the study and treatment of female pelvic floor disorders.  Her involvement in this society demonstrates her dedication to staying current with the latest treatment approaches and research in her area of expertise.

As a recognized authority in her field, Julie frequently shares her expertise both nationally and internationally through speaking engagements on pelvic floor disorders. Her reputation as an expert underscores her contributions to the field of women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction.

In her personal life, Julie enjoys a variety of activities, including traveling with her daughters, hiking with her golden retrievers, cooking, cycling, and reading. Her passion for nature is evident in her hobby of bird watching, highlighting her appreciation for the outdoors.

In August 2023, Julie joined Aguirre Specialty Care and immediately became an integral part of the team. Her commitment to providing top-notch care to her patients, and her approachable and empathetic demeanor makes her an excellent choice for women seeking evaluation and treatment for their pelvic complaints. As the first contact for our New Patient consultations, she works closely with Dr. Aguirre to coordinate the plan of care.  

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