Heather Fuentes

Posted: April 25, 2014 | By: xcite

My name is Heather Fuentes and I was the first patient of Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre’s to undergo the FemiLift Laser Vaginal Resurfacing procedure. As a Surgical Technician in one of Dr. Aguirre’s surgical centers, I am well aware of the invasive, surgical options available for women who experience Vaginal Looseness. I volunteered to try out the FemiLift because I was interested in the revolutionary non-invasive properties of the procedure. I have received three treatments and have loved my results!

I could feel the difference immediately and so could my partner. It was like having sex for the first time, but without the pain and nerves. After the second and third procedures I became even more sensitive, I really couldn’t believe it. Dr. Aguirre did a little extra tightening at the entrance of my vagina and the results are incredible. It is now easier for me to orgasm and sex feels amazing from beginning to end.

The procedure is easy and painless, at most you feel a little heat and a slight pinching sensation as the laser works at the opening of the vagina. I personally had no side-effects. It was a great experience and I’m a very lucky woman to have had the procedure.

I haven’t noticed any loosening from the procedures no matter how much sex I have, and I feel confident that this will not have to be an annual treatment.

I can’t thank Dr. Aguirre enough! I’m glad I could help him make the decision to purchase the FemiLift laser. He has helped women for years and now he has an even better tool to restore their confidence, quality of life, and sexual gratification without the risks of an invasive surgery and long recovery time. My partner and I truly cannot say enough great things about Dr. Aguirre and the FemiLift laser.

Sincerely, a truly satisfied woman,
Heather Fuentes.

Dr. Aguirre performed a series of three FemiLift non-surgical vaginal tightening treatments beginning November 21, 2013 and concluding on March 18, 2014.