Labia Tightening

Pellevé Labia Tightening for the Labia Majora in Denver, Colorado at Aguirre Specialty Care

Many women face concerns regarding vaginal looseness or an undesirable appearance that may occur over time and especially following childbirth. This aesthetic concern can lead many women to feel self-conscious, and can prevent them from feeling confident during intimacy. At Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, Colorado, vaginal rejuvenation expert Dr. Oscar Aguirre works to ensure that all women have treatment options available to improve their intimate aesthetic concerns and feel comfortable and beautiful in their bodies.

With Pellevé Skin Tightening treatments in Denver, patients have the opportunity to tighten the outer labia, regain their femininity, and feel satisfied with their intimate aesthetic appearance without the need for surgery. Pellevé is an FDA-cleared treatment that gently but effectively applies radiofrequency energy into the skin, targeting the layer where the skin and fat meet. As heat increases, the deep collagen in the skin begins to contract, causing a tightening effect with nearly no pain for the patient. Because the energy from Pellevé treatment stimulates the production of collagen as well, the skin will continue to tighten and become smooth for up to six months following the initial treatment. After just a single Pellevé treatment in Denver, patients can see improvements even after childbirth.

Unlike many vaginal rejuvenation treatments, patients often describe Pellevé as enjoyable rather than painful. Treatments take less than an hour, and require no downtime following the procedure, so patients can be back on their feet without anyone wondering if they’ve had work done. With Pellevé Skin Tightening for the Labia at Aguirre Specialty Care, women can place their aesthetic needs in the hands of a renowned vaginal rejuvenation expert and trust that they can reach their desired results.

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