VR Stands for Vaginal Rejuvenation! Denver, CO

Posted: October 25, 2018

Are you intrigued by VR, but not exactly sure what it means? The tech world wants you to think that “VR” stands for “virtual reality.” But in the aesthetic world, the letters “VR” mean one thing only—vaginal rejuvenation! That’s according to the latest issue of NewBeauty magazine, the cosmetic industry’s leading authority on aesthetic trends and industry standards.

Are you intrigued by VR, but not exactly sure what it means?

Here’s a closer look at just a few of the many life-changing benefits of vaginal rejuvenation.

Confidence and comfort
Many women experience discomfort and insecurity from having large labia. Whether it’s the way you were born or a result of the wear and tear of childbirth or aging, excess labial skin can cause painful chafing and make wearing certain clothing a challenge, like exercise pants or bathing suits. Board-certified surgeon and internationally recognized urogynecologic expert Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre has won professional acclaim for both his expert labiaplasties and revision labiaplasties to correct another surgeon’s mistakes. Dr. Aguirre offers a variety of treatments, from non-surgical skin tightening with Pellevé® to precise, impeccably-detailed surgery, for the most flattering, natural-looking results possible.

Do you leak urine every time you cough or laugh? Have you shied away from jogging or even dancing because you are afraid of having an accident? If stress urinary incontinence is impairing your quality of life, it’s time to consider vaginal rejuvenation. Among other benefits, VR provides internal strengthening and tightening to help improve stress urinary incontinence. Dr. Aguirre performs FemiLift™, a laser vaginal tightening procedure which resurfaces the entire circumference of the vagina and strengthens the supporting ligaments surrounding the bladder and urethra to reduce bladder leakage.

Experiencing pleasure with your partner is one of the greatest joys of adult intimacy. If you are dealing with low libido or have difficulty achieving orgasm, VR can help to restore satisfaction with little to no downtime. The O-Shot® injects the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentrated portion of your blood to enhance blood flow and stimulate new cell growth for boosted sensation and pleasure. Laser vaginal tightening with FemiLift can also enhance sensation. We often perform a combination procedure called the LEO® (laser-enhanced O-Shot), which pairs FemiLift and the O-Shot to provide multiple benefits, including tightening, enhanced sensation, and reduced symptoms of urinary incontinence. Another clinically-proven VR solution is The Viveve® Treatment, a non-surgical treatment that tightens the vaginal entrance and boosts sexual sensation and satisfaction with no downtime.

VR helps to enhance or improve any aspect of your intimate health and vitality, depending on your unique needs. To discover what VR can do for you, please call 303.322.0500 or request a personal consultation today!