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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®) is a form of vaginal rejuvenation in Denver that encompasses a variety of surgical techniques to improve the appearance of a woman's intimate area, thereby increasing her confidence, comfort and sexual pleasure.  Specifically, LVR® provides aesthetic surgical enhancement of the vulvar structures, labia minora, labia majora, mons pubis, perineum and introitus (vaginal opening). LVR® has provided creative treatment solutions for women all over the world. This has provided us with a vast experience and creative expertise to aesthetically design procedures in line with the specifications and desires of the patient.

Laser Reduction Labiaplasty (LRL®) of the Labia Minora

Reducing the size and altering the shape of the labia minora (inner lips) can be accomplished using laser reduction labiaplasty. Elongated, unequal or dark labia minora is a very common complaint in women seeking cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Most women tell us that they do not want the inner labia to project beyond the outer labia. With laser reduction labiaplasty, we can accomplish the individual desires of each woman, improving confidence and comfort. Our labiaplasty techniques can also repair and correct unwanted side effects of the natural aging process, childbirth or injury. In addition to cosmetic reasons, women will undergo labiaplasty for functional reasons, such as chafing and discomfort when wearing tight-fitting clothing, when exercising or during intercourse.

Laser Reduction Labiaplasty (LRL®) of the Labia Majora

Reducing the size and/or tightening the labia majora (larger outer labia) can also help to improve confidence, comfort and sexual pleasure. Sagging and loose labia majora is seen in women with naturally more elastic skin, but also in older women who have lost their skin tone and in those who have lost a lot of weight resulting in vulvas that look “old” and “worn."  LRL®  can restore a more youthful and aesthetically appealing vulva.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Reducing the size and shape of the clitoral hood, also known as prepuce is another form of vaginal rejuvenation. Women who choose this procedure are uncomfortable with the appearance of their vulva due to a large amount of skin surrounding their clitoris. Most women think it is part of their large labia minora, but in fact, it is a different structure that, if not recognized and addressed at the time of a labia reduction, could lead to an aesthetically unpleasing result.

Excision of Excess Prepuce
Removal of excessive prepuce or clitoral hood skin. This tissue makes the clitoral hood look “fat” since it is additional tissue directly over the clitoris.

Excision of Redundant Prepuce
Removal of redundant tissue along the sides of the clitoral hood. This skin originates from the side of the labia minora. At times it may be so large that it gives the appearance of an additional clitoral hood. This may occur on one side or on both sides of the clitoral hood.

Laser Perineal Rejuvenation

Repairing or reshaping the perineum (the area between the vagina and the anus) can rejuvenate the relaxed or aging appearance of the vagina. Women will complain of an “ugly” vagina, or of a “large” opening to the vagina. The problem is actually the vulva. This procedure may be performed at the same time as labiaplasty of the labia minora and/or majora, laser vaginal rejuvenation or both.

Augmentation Labiaplasty

Autologous fat transfer to the labia majora can provide an aesthetically enhanced and youthful appearance to the vulva. This procedure consists of removal of the patient’s fat via liposuction and transplanting it into the labia majora. It may be performed in conjunction with in-office liposculpture.

Vulvar Lipoplasty/Mons Pubis Liposuction

Women may complain of a “fat pad” overlying their pubic bone or of “fat” labia majora. In-office liposculpturing or CoolSculpting® can alleviate the unsightly fatty bulges of this area and produce an aesthetically pleasing, thinner and younger contour.

Laser Hymenoplasty

Reconstruction of the hymen can repair the hymen to its “pre-sexual” state, as if nothing ever occurred. ASC is sensitive to the needs of women from all cultures that embrace these particular issues because of cultural, social or religious reasons. Privacy is highly respected. Click here to learn more about laser hymenoplasty.

Anal Tag Excision

Excision of anal skin tags results in a smooth and natural looking perianal area. These are a result of prior hemorrhoids leading to redundant perianal skin. In addition to these being unsightly they may contribute to difficulties with hygiene. This is commonly requested at the time of a laser reduction labiaplasty and/or laser perineal rejuvenation.

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