Take Back Your Sex Life! The O-Shot in Denver, CO at Aguirre Specialty Care

Do you feel something is lacking in your sex life? Inadequate sexual satisfaction, arousal, and desire are sometimes linked to lower self-esteem among women, which can also affect both their work and social lives. However, with an O-Shot® from Aguirre Specialty Care, you can revive your libido and achieve more pleasurable orgasms in as little… Read more »

Setting the Record Straight: Teens and Genital Cosmetic Surgery

The New York Times recently published an article discussing the rise of genital cosmetic surgery among teenage girls. As a leader in the intimate aesthetics industry, Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre has a lot of insight into this topic. The article states various possible reasons for the increase. Once such possibility is because they are shaving… Read more »

Invest in Your Skin: Jan Marini Products in Denver, CO at Aguirre Specialty Care

Treating yourself to skin rejuvenation treatments like photofacials, chemical peels, and micro-needling is essential in fighting signs of aging and in keeping your skin healthy. It’s just as important to care for your skin even after you leave our office! With a comprehensive at-home skincare routine with Jan Marini® products, you can maintain and enhance… Read more »