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Tag: Body Contouring

Aguirre Specialty Care is a Leader in Innovative Cosmetic Surgery

We were thrilled to read the latest news from  Each year, this popular plastic and cosmetic surgery website ranks trends, using “most searched for” data to determine the rising stars among plastic surgery procedures.  It turns out that Aguirre Specialty Care offers two of the three “hottest trends in plastic surgery” for 2012 reported [...]

It’s Official: Fat Does Not Return to Liposuction Sites

According to a study published in the August 2012 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, fat cells neither return to treated areas nor get redistributed to untreated areas of the body after liposuction.  This new study clarifies a report published last year in Obesity, which initiated a controversy by saying fat returned to untreated areas [...]

A Denver, Colorado Woman Asks: “Dr. Aguirre, Am I a Good Candidate for a Real Mommy Makeover?”

Dr. Aguirre Answers: I have a number of women who contact me wondering whether the Real Mommy Makeover by Aguirre Specialty Care would be the right procedure for them.  In many cases, these women have a true desire to reclaim their pre-mommy body but are a little unsure of what is realistic and how to [...]

Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre of Denver’s Aguirre Specialty Care Discusses Liposuction on the Wellness Hour

In a recent interview, Dr. Aguirre sat down with Wellness Hour host Randy Alvarez to discuss liposuction.  Dr. Aguirre said he performs this procedure using either Smartlipo™, which is laser liposuction, or VASER® Lipo, which uses ultrasound.  He said there are a number of advantages to using these new technologies over the older, traditional liposuction. [...]

Denver’s Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre Answers: “Why is a Pelvic Surgeon Doing Liposuction?”

Dr. Aguirre was a recent guest of cable TV’s, The Wellness Hour, hosted by Randy Alvarez.   While the topic of the segment was “Liposuction,” Dr. Aguirre and the host spent a fair amount of time exploring Dr. Aguirre’s unique combination of services for patients which range from urogynecology to cosmetic gynecology to cosmetic procedures such [...]

ASC Answers Growing Demand for Brazilian Butt Augmentation in Denver

Hello people of Denver! Did you hear that we now offer Brazilian Butt Augmentation at Aguirre Specialty Care? Most of you are well aware of celebrities like J.Lo and Kim Kardashian who have stuck out (eh hem) from the herd for their…prominent posteriors. The demand for these procedures is growing and we’ve selected the procedure [...]

Hi Def Liposculpture Now Available at Aguirre Specialty Care in Denver, Colorado

Dr. Aguirre is pleased to now offer Hi Def Liposculpture to his patients. This means that Aguirre Specialty Care patients can benefit from an advanced level of body contouring. “While traditional liposuction focuses on reducing the size of fat-collecting sites on the body, Hi Def Liposculpture Body Sculpting techniques focus on the whole anatomy of [...]

Post Pregnancy Rejuvenation

While motherhood can be a woman’s greatest joy, childbirth can take a serious toll – physically and emotionally.  Extra pounds, hormonal imbalances and changes in the appearance of the breasts, abdomen, labia, vagina, skin and face are all common after childbirth.  Caring for an infant – as well as toddlers to tweens to teens  – [...]


Childbirth and caring for an infant takes a serious toll – physically and emotionally – on many mothers.  Physical changes in the appearance of the breasts, abdomen, labia, vagina, skin and face are all common after childbirth, causing many women embarrassment and discomfort. We are excited to announce the addition of The Real Mommy Makeover, [...]

Ask the Expert – Body After Baby!

Aguirre Specialty Care was recently featured on Mom’s Like Me – an online forum for local moms to get advice, share stories, upload photos and connect in groups.  Denver Moms were able to ask questions via an online Ask the Expert chat in regard to intimate questions moms might have after giving birth – like tummy tucks, [...]

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