You Deserve to Feel Confident! A Real Mommy Makeover Is the Perfect Gift for You! Denver, CO

You’re not alone if you can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving! With Black Friday around the corner, we bet you’re already bracing yourself for the annual onslaught of shopping, entertaining, and indulging. These festive (and, let’s be honest, frantic!) holiday traditions have a sneaky way of leaving mommies across America utterly spent. You work hard to… Read more »

Does Your Doctor Listen to You? Denver, CO

If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that your doctor isn’t taking you seriously, you may be right. A few years ago, a groundbreaking study from the Institute of Medicine discovered a gender bias against women, and that doctors were more likely to dismiss female pain as psychological. This study has inspired us to improve our… Read more »

Lipo Versus CoolSculpting Why We Love Both! Denver, CO

In the last two years, more Americans chose to undergo body contouring with liposuction than any other cosmetic surgical procedure, and its popularity continues to grow year after year. While we aren’t surprised by lipo’s popularity, we thought you might be. After all, non-surgical fat reduction is the talk of the town these days, thanks… Read more »

Intimate Health 101: Vaginal Tightening
Denver, CO

We see it every day at Aguirre Specialty Care—women who suffer from vaginal laxity and its unpleasant consequences, from decreased sensitivity to diminished sexual pleasure for both partners. Often the result of aging or childbirth, vaginal laxity is a common symptom among women. Unfortunately, many women suffer in silence, dismissing their symptoms as unimportant or…

Boost Your Bliss and Health! FemiLift and O-Shot Denver, CO

We get it. You’ve got a thousand things on your to-do list, so the last thing on your mind is your sex life. But we want you to think twice before putting sex on the back-burner. Recent research is revealing a bevy of important personal benefits from having a healthy, active sex life, such as… Read more »

A Back-to-School Treat for Moms! CoolSculpting in Denver, Co

Now that the kids are back to school, it’s the perfect time to reward yourself. After three hectic months of kid-centered fun, you’ve earned the right to focus on yourself at least for a bit! A smart way to practice self-care while the kids are in class is by penciling in an appointment for CoolSculpting®,… Read more »