Non-Surgical Body Contouring Is Here! Denver, CO

As you know, urogynecologic surgery is our specialty here at Aguirre Specialty Care, but our team is equally passionate about helping you make improvements with non-surgical care. Whether you wish to enhance your breasts or smooth crepey skin, we offer a non-surgical solution that works with your body to reveal improvements with little to no… Read more »

It’s Time to Love Your Sex Life Again! Denver, CO

What if we told you that you and your partner could enjoy stronger orgasms, enhanced libido and several other sexual benefits without drugs, surgery or downtime? Now imagine being able to boost your sexual vitality and satisfaction for months at a time without resorting to pills or other risky solutions. It sounds too good to… Read more »

Are You Suffering from Pelvic Prolapse? Denver, CO

Are you experiencing pain or pressure in your lower back or pelvis? Do you have painful sex, bladder leakage or urgency, or frequent constipation? You could be suffering from pelvic prolapse, a surprisingly common condition affecting the pelvic organs. Here’s a closer look at what pelvic prolapse is, along with possible solutions. When your body… Read more »

Don’t Let Scary Symptoms Spook You! Denver, CO

It’s October, so we couldn’t resist a little seasonal humor for our headline. That being said, there’s nothing funny about certain urogynecological symptoms. For example, if you’re suffering from recurring and frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs), you’re likely miserable and desperate to find real relief. At Aguirre Specialty Care, we are here to tell you… Read more »