What’s Holding You Back from Loving Yourself? Denver, CO

We know this question is a bit heavy, but we’re trying to keep things real. In our line of work here at Aguirre Specialty Care, we see so many amazing patients who confide to us that they are ashamed of their bodies. Their reasons vary, but most of these patients have felt ashamed for decades… Read more »

Your Symptoms Matter! Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up! Denver, CO

There was a woman, let’s call her Cindy, who started experiencing pain every time she had intercourse with her husband. She didn’t think much about it and figured it would just go away on its own. But then other strange symptoms started cropping up. After being on her feet all day, Cindy started feeling this… Read more »

It’s Heating Up! How’s Your Sexual Health? Denver, CO

Summertime is officially here! Now that things are heating up, it’s a great time to ask about your intimate concerns. So, how’s your sex life these days?  If you’re secretly struggling with a low libido, lack of sensation, vaginal looseness or aesthetic concerns like large/asymmetrical/stretched labial skin, we want you to know that you are… Read more »

Total Body Confidence IS Possible! Denver, CO

Be honest: Are you struggling to feel confident about some aspect of your body? Is there any issue or several concerns about your appearance that you can’t seem to overcome, no matter how hard you try to stay positive? Some women worry about the appearance of their genitals, for example. They fear, often for their… Read more »

Botched Labiaplasties — We Can Help! Denver, CO

When it comes to patient satisfaction, one of the most highly rated surgeries is labiaplasty. That’s probably because this surgery helps women reclaim their confidence and comfort, two priceless commodities in life. Performed by a seasoned surgeon, a labiaplasty helps to restore balance and symmetry to a woman’s labial tissue. However, not all labiaplasties are… Read more »