Vaginal Rejuvenation Is Safe — with the Right Doctor! Denver, CO

Patient well-being is my #1 priority at Aguirre Specialty Care, followed closely by education regarding effective treatment options for intimate wellness and patient autonomy. That is why I have mixed feelings about the FDA’s latest Safety Communication. In July, the FDA issued a statement criticizing the use of energy-based devices for the indications of “vaginal… Read more »

Are Hormones Wreaking Havoc on Your Health? Denver, CO

Hormones have a lot of power, but we don’t really give them much thought—until they start “acting up,” that is! When hormones fall out of balance, you may experience a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, from depression and low libido to insomnia and weight gain. Could hormones be sabotaging your wellness? Furthering our commitment to… Read more »

Superior Cosmetic Surgery, and So Much More Denver, CO

Want to know the difference between cosmetic surgery with Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre and cosmetic surgery elsewhere? Dr. Aguirre is one of the leading pelvic surgeons in the world, possessing years of training and expertise to enhance every aspect of a woman’s body. What this means for you as a patient is total body care… Read more »

Why We Love Award-Winning CoolSculpting Denver, CO

CoolSculpting® continues to garner acclaim, most recently hailed for the fourth consecutive year as one of the “Best Treatments and Products in the World” to “Fight Fat in a Flash” by NewBeauty, a leading aesthetic authority. We offer CoolSculpting at Aguirre Specialty Care because we are committed to helping you achieve total body health and… Read more »

Improve Your Sex Life (and More)—Naturally Denver, CO

We’re feeling validated that one of the biggest cosmetic trends this year is “natural” beauty. At Aguirre Specialty Care, we celebrate natural beauty on a daily basis, providing an extensive range of services that bring out your best using the most natural resource of all—the power of your own body. Here’s a look at just… Read more »

What’s All the Fuss about Vaginal Rejuvenation? Denver, CO

A quick search on your smartphone is all it takes to know that the topic of vaginal rejuvenation is everywhere. As awareness for this treatment grows, more and more doctors of varying specialties are offering vaginal rejuvenation. While greater availability seems like a positive, it can also mean a lower quality of care and sub-optimal… Read more »