Aguirre Specialty Care is a Leader in Innovative Cosmetic Surgery

Posted: February 12, 2012 | By: xcite

We were thrilled to read the latest news from  Each year, this popular plastic and cosmetic surgery website ranks trends, using “most searched for” data to determine the rising stars among plastic surgery procedures.  It turns out that Aguirre Specialty Care offers two of the three “hottest trends in plastic surgery” for 2012 reported by RealSelf:  Brazilian Butt Augmentation and Labiaplasty.

Brazilian Butt Augmentation, which also topped the list in 2011, received a whopping 28% increase in searches.  This procedure which creates a more curvy posterior via fat transfer, has also been ranked “worth it” by 92% of the voters on RealSelf.  Of course, much of this reflects a cultural trend that looks to rounder and fuller backsides as a great part of a beautiful figure.

Labiaplasty, which has long been part of Dr. Aguirre’s surgical specialty, saw a 22% increase in searches on RealSelf in 2012.  This is no wonder, as this relatively simple procedure can greatly improve quality of life for many women, remedying both functional and cosmetic concerns.

All of us at Aguirre Specialty Care are proud of the wide range of options we offer our local patients as well as patients who travel to Denver to benefit from services at ASC, helping them to improve their quality of life by improving everything from urogynecological functioning to body aesthetics.  Best of all, as our patients build relationships with Dr. Aguirre and the ASC team, they report that they have found a trusted source for many of their future needs.

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