3 Easy Ways to Wow Your Winter Denver, CO

Your body hasn’t felt “alive” in some time, due to the natural aging process, your last pregnancy, or other factors. Because your sexual health is the last thing on your mind—after children, your spouse, and work—you haven’t done anything about your lagging satisfaction. Until now, that is. Today, you know better. You have more options… Read more »

Not Just Any Doctor Will Do… You Need a Specialist! Denver, CO

You wouldn’t ask a podiatrist to perform your mammogram. And your dentist probably isn’t your first choice for an endoscopy. While these examples are a bit extreme, they illustrate the vital need for health care specialists—doctors who devote their lives to mastering a specific set of skills. Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre is one such doctor…. Read more »

3 Tips for an Outrageously Successful 2018 Denver, CO

Happy New Year! Are you still in a fog from the frantic holiday season, or are you gearing up to tackle your New Year’s resolutions? Whether you’re hoping to lose weight or get in shape, resolutions are a fabulous motivator. Unfortunately, too many of us get discouraged and run out of steam before reaching our… Read more »

Vaginal Rejuvenation Is Not a Fad Denver, CO

Despite all evidence to the contrary, some people (including many doctors) still aren’t convinced that there’s a legitimate need for vaginal rejuvenation treatments. The fact is, women face numerous urogynecological issues in their lifetime as a result of childbirth and aging. They have real concerns that can result in discomfort and impair their quality of… Read more »

Deck the Halls! It’s Self-Care Season! CoolSculpting in Denver, CO

As you scurry to buy presents for your loved ones, don’t forget about the one person who works tirelessly to make the holidays magical—and it isn’t Santa! We’re talking about you! When was the last time you treated yourself just because? You work diligently to keep life in order for everyone else, so now is… Read more »

You Deserve to Feel Confident! A Real Mommy Makeover Is the Perfect Gift for You! Denver, CO

You’re not alone if you can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving! With Black Friday around the corner, we bet you’re already bracing yourself for the annual onslaught of shopping, entertaining, and indulging. These festive (and, let’s be honest, frantic!) holiday traditions have a sneaky way of leaving mommies across America utterly spent. You work hard to… Read more »