Expert Ways to Boost Your Sex Life (At Home!) Denver, CO

Since we’re all spending more time indoors, it’s an ideal time to devote energy to activities we don’t normally think about. For example, most of us don’t regularly think about exercising our pelvic floor, at least not the way we think about exercising our glutes at the gym. But I’ll venture to say that pelvic… Read more »

COVID-19 Stress Busters Denver, CO

Stress is one of those things in life that sneaks up on you. You may think you’re feeling totally fine, for example, until you find yourself suddenly barking at your partner for the slightest thing. (Sound familiar?) If you’re feeling on edge, the good news is that you’re not alone! We’re in this pandemic together,… Read more »

Your Top COVID-19 Questions, Answered Parker, CO

From all of us here at Aguirre Specialty Care, we hope you are able to stay healthy and safe during this uncertain time. In light of the recent developments concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to close our office from Monday, March 23 to Monday, April 6. Our primary goal is to help you… Read more »

Labiaplasty Is Top-Rated Treatment by RealSelf Voters! Denver, CO

What an exciting time for women! Since my vocation is urogynecology and cosmetic gynecology, I’m focused on helping women achieve optimal urogynecologic health and wellness, and this encompasses every aspect of a woman’s life, even her partner’s (I often treat couples because you can’t restore optimal sexual health to only half a couple). So why… Read more »

March 8 Is International Women’s Day! Denver, CO

This Sunday, March 8, women from around the world will be celebrating women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements for International Women’s Day! Every year, International Women’s Day announces a new theme for their celebration, and this year’s theme is Each for Equal, #EachforEqual, which runs all year long! To give you an idea of… Read more »

Am I Normal? Denver, CO

If you’ve ever worried about being normal, you’re normal to wonder if you’re normal! From time to time, we all ask ourselves this question. However, we’d like to challenge your mindset with a different question. Instead of wondering whether you’re normal, we’d like you to ask yourself, “How do I feel?” and “Why do I… Read more »