Laser Liposuction in Denver: Look & Feel Your Brazilian Best

Posted: November 20, 2014 | By: xcite

A recent NPR article titled “In Brazil, Nips and Tucks Don’t Raise An Eyebrow” discussed the popularity of cosmetic surgery in this South American country.

“If you look at the traditional body type of a Brazilian, you would see a woman with dark skin, curly hair, small breasts and a larger bottom, a body that is very different from the body marketed as desirable,” stated Marcelo Silva Ramos, an anthropologist and social scientist interviewed, explaining one theory why body contouring procedures are so popular in Brazil.

“South Americans, especially those from Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela care about their figure more than those from other countries and they understand that image has a huge influence on success in their career, life and other arenas,” explains Dr. Aguirre.

Dr. Aguirre, a South American native himself,  knows the appreciation for body contouring first hand, having undergone laser liposuction training with world renowned Dr. Alfredo Hoyos from Columbia. VASER® 4D Lipo not only removes fat but also sculpts the appearance of toned, well-defined muscles. In addition, it uses ultrasound waves to accurately break down fat cells before eliminating them. Therefore, this procedure poses less downtime, less trauma and numerous other benefits.

In addition, to 4D Lipo, Dr. Aguirre is proud to offer Brazilian butt augmentation, cellulite reduction and other body contouring procedures that can help you look and feel your Brazilian best.

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