Ready for a Better Backside?

Posted: March 12, 2013 | By: xcite

Ready to look your best in a pair of tight jeans? If you’re not completely satisfied with your rear view, you may be able to achieve a better backside with a Brazilian Butt Augmentation, one of the hottest cosmetic procedures at Aguirre Specialty Care.

Dr. Aguirre begins by removing fat from one area of the body where there may be a little too much of it, and then transfers it to the buttocks.  For many, the Brazilian Butt Augmentation is a surefire way to give the backside a boost. Besides adding shape, contours and definition, the use of fat in the butt can minimize the look of cellulite as dimples become more even and flush with the surrounding skin.

Fat transfer for body sculpting is one of the biggest trends right now, because fashion trends have changed so that more women than ever desire a curvy figure.  Not only does fat make the butt more shapely and amplify the size, it also gives a 3-D transformation that can be seen from every angle. This accentuates and highlights convexities and concavities, especially for those who genetically have a square body type.

You can see results immediately, but with fat unlike implants, the size or shape of your butt may shrink slightly as some of the fat is absorbed. The final shape and size should develop after about three to six months and be long lasting.

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