Dispelling the Myths about Labiaplasty

  According to a recent article in the Cosmetic Surgery Times, researchers at the Australian National University were surprised to find out that there was no connection between pornography consumption and women’s desire to pursue labiaplasty procedures. This data was a result of an online survey of over one thousand women. Though this may seem surprising… Read more »

Curvaceous Confidence Is In: Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Have you ever found yourself wishing for the confident curves of celebrities like Beyoncé, Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian or model Kate Upton? On a recent episode of “The Doctors,” it was revealed that celebrity cosmetic surgery makeovers are quite common and the most requested celebrity backside is none other than Beyoncé. This news is hardly… Read more »

Aguirre Specialty Care(s) About Your Skin

I cannot rave enough about the service your office has provided me.  From the minute I walk in the door to the time I exit, you and your staff are very attentive, warm and welcoming.  Dr. Aguirre, thank you so very much for offering to sponsor me for this beauty pageant.  Without your services I… Read more »

Meet Aguirre Specialty Care’s Patient Coordinator

Each month we will be highlighting one of the Aguirre Specialty Care team members on our blog and in our email newsletter. At Aguirre Specialty Care we have an exceptional team of medical and patient service support staff and we are pleased to introduce them and their professional expertise to you. This month we are… Read more »