Revitalize Your Intimate Health This Valentine’s Day!
Denver, CO

Are you ready to feel like a lioness in the bedroom? It’s time to try the LEO®, which stands for Laser Enhanced O-Shot®. There’s no better excuse than Valentine’s Day for treating your body to this revitalizing intimate wellness treatment. Here’s a closer look at the LEO and how it may benefit you and your…

2019 Is Your Year for a Real Mommy Makeover™ Denver, CO

Nothing beats a weekend at the slopes, unless you’re having a Real Mommy Makeover™. At Aguirre Specialty Care, a Real Mommy Makeover trumps skiing any day of the year. Here’s why. It’s a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. Can you imagine feeling confident again about your intimate life? Or never having to worry… Read more »

Is 2019 the Year of Vaginal Rejuvenation? Denver, CO

Vaginal rejuvenation is a general term used to describe a wide range of treatments for improving a woman’s intimate health and vitality. A leader in urogynecologic surgery and laser treatments, I’ve worked diligently to provide a comprehensive menu of the most effective vaginal rejuvenation treatments with minimal downtime. Here’s a look at some of your… Read more »

A Slimmer Belly for 2019 Denver, CO

Are you struggling to cope with the mid-life metabolism slump? Our metabolism naturally slows as we age—and so do our body’s hormonal levels. This challenging mix often results in stubborn belly fat, one of the most common “problems” for middle-aged women (or men and women of any age). Here are a few research-backed tips for… Read more »

Why Vaginal Rejuvenation Is Here to Stay Denver, CO

Trends come and go, but vaginal rejuvenation (VR) is not one of them. When performed by a properly trained urogynecologist, VR is a safe and reliable treatment that can provide immeasurable benefits to a woman’s life. Women are faced with numerous physiological changes in life, from childbirth to menopause, and deserve the highest level of… Read more »

Labiaplasties Can Help Younger Women, Too! Denver, CO

I’ve heard the same disheartening story from many young women, ages 18 to 20-something, about what happened when they bravely confided in their gynecologist at their annual pap that they were unhappy with the size or shape of their labia. Far too often, these women received a dismissive quip from their doctors about how “there’s… Read more »