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Are You Afraid to Seek Treatment? Denver, CO

This time of year inspires everyone here at Aguirre Specialty Care to reflect on our experiences. We feel such gratitude for you, our amazing patients, for entrusting us with your care all these years! Intimate health concerns like vaginal looseness, large labial skin, or difficulty achieving orgasm aren’t the easiest topics to share with others,… Read more »

VR Stands for Vaginal Rejuvenation! Denver, CO

The tech world wants you to think that “VR” stands for “virtual reality.” But in the aesthetic world, the letters “VR” mean one thing only—vaginal rejuvenation! That’s according to the latest issue of NewBeauty magazine, the cosmetic industry’s leading authority on aesthetic trends and industry standards. Are you intrigued by VR, but not exactly sure… Read more »

It’s Time for YOU! The Intimate Makeover in Denver, CO

Makeovers are magical. We love watching TV shows that help people transform their lives by making simple yet profound lifestyle changes, from a flattering haircut to a different paint color in their living room. We perform makeovers for women every day, drawing from a leading selection of intimate aesthetic and wellness treatments, from the O-Shot®… Read more »

Setting the Record Straight Regarding Gynecological Mesh

Recently, the television news program “60 Minutes” aired a segment that I can only refer to as irresponsible and one-sided. The story claimed that the use of gynecological mesh for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse can inflict “life-altering pain and injury,” focusing solely on reports from a recent lawsuit against… Read more »

What Exactly Is an Intimate Makeover? Denver, CO

Mother’s Day may be over, but every day is mother’s day at Aguirre Specialty Care. Our mission is to help women achieve optimal intimate health and wellness. If you’re struggling with symptoms like urinary incontinence, painful sex, vaginal looseness, difficulty achieving orgasm, or loose or large labia, it may be time to treat yourself to… Read more »

Does Your Doctor Listen to You? Denver, CO

If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that your doctor isn’t taking you seriously, you may be right. A few years ago, a groundbreaking study from the Institute of Medicine discovered a gender bias against women, and that doctors were more likely to dismiss female pain as psychological. This study has inspired us to improve our… Read more »