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A New Year, A New You! Denver, CO

If you indulged a bit too much over the holidays, kudos! You probably had a blast! Now that we’re well into January, though, it’s time to revisit healthier habits. Is 2020 your year to slim down or inject more joy into your life? You’re in luck because Aguirre Specialty Care has the tools to help… Read more »

Tis the Season to Slim, Trim & Tighten! Denver, CO

Has the impending New Year lit a fire, so to speak, concerning your body contouring goals? If slimming and trimming tops your resolution list, you’re in luck, because Aguirre Specialty Care can help you achieve your best body with the leading treatments in fat reduction, skin smoothing, and skin tightening. Here’s a closer look at… Read more »

Lipo Versus CoolSculpting Why We Love Both! Denver, CO

In the last two years, more Americans chose to undergo body contouring with liposuction than any other cosmetic surgical procedure, and its popularity continues to grow year after year. While we aren’t surprised by lipo’s popularity, we thought you might be. After all, non-surgical fat reduction is the talk of the town these days, thanks… Read more »

What’s Your “Problem Area”? Body Contouring

Do you have a body area that refuses to shrink, tone up or transform – despite regular diet and exercise? In a recent New Beauty Magazine survey, editors asked readers what their most “problematic” areas were – the majority (43.5%) said their abdomen. Whether it’s due to pregnancy, age-related weight gain or simply genetics, tummy troubles… Read more »

Summer Beauty Staycation: Cosmetic Enhancement

Are you bothered by stubborn diet and exercise resistant fat, a sagging, deflated behind or cellulite? Have you wanted to undergo cosmetic enhancement here at ASC but never seem to have the free time? Instead of taking a traditional vacation this summer, we invite you to consider the pros of a beauty staycation. Many professions… Read more »